Happy Hour: Bartaco

Is this place ever empty? Seriously, I think the answer is no.  During the warmer months Bartaco manages to pack the both inside and the outdoor patio (equipped with space heaters) what seems like 24/7.  I swear, every time I walk by there is not an empty seat!

But, don’t fear, Bartaco is also fast.  You order with an order form at your table, so they never mix up your order no matter how busy they are! The food comes out really quickly so when people are there for a quick bite tables open up fast!


The bar makes you feel like you’re in Mexico, even during the winter.  


The Guacamole is delicious, and look at the size of the Tortilla chips!


And there are a bunch of salsas on the table that you can add to your tacos (or you can paint them all onto one tortilla and breathe fire for the rest of the night!)

During Happy Hour, Bartaco has a great drink menu.  Their classic margarita is really good, not the sickeningly sweet margarita mix.


Bartaco Margarita

The Sanguina is another delicious drink option.  It has hibiscus infused tequila, blood orange, lyme and ginger agave syrup.  So refreshing (and deceivingly strong- oops!).



The Tacos at Bartaco are obviously delicious.  They are small, so if you’re hungry you can try a bunch of different tacos and they’re reasonably priced!!  Double whammy.  When my friend Meg was in town, we branched out and tried the pork tamale…wow! I never would have thought to order this without Meg but I will definitely be ordering it again.  It comes in a strange looking wrapper and looks a little sloppy when you open it, but holy cow was this delicious.  The tamale itself is so good and the pork is similar to the pork in the tacos.  It is also super filling! Highly recommend.

Bartaco is great in the summer for small tacos and refreshing drinks, but Bartaco is equally great in the winter! We even went for New Years Eve last year and had a blast!






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