WeHa Whiskey

“Too much of anything is bad, but too much good whiskey is barely enough” – Mark Twain


Who says the #15 Place to Live can’t be fun?! This Saturday is the Fourth Annual WeHa Whiskey Festival at Hartford Golf Club in West Hartford.  I am super excited to go.  We really wanted to go last year but by the time we got around to looking at tickets they were sold out, and Spencer and I were so bummed.  We just got tickets for this year.  Here are the details:

When: Saturday, October 15th (This Saturday!) from 6-9pm

Where: Hartford Golf Club 134 Norwood Rd, West Hartford

What: Samples of 200 different Bourbons, Scotches, and Whiskeys.  Also samples of premium cigars and catered food from Hartford Golf Club.  The list of samples is here http://www.wehawhiskey.com/4th-annual-weha-whiskey-festival


Proceeds are donated to Camp Courant.

Tickets are on sale here: http://www.wehawhiskey.com/tickets and VIP tickets are already sold out!! They’re $20 more at the door, so even if it doesn’t sell out its not worth it to wait!

And Uber is offering $25 off your first ride for the night if you use the code wehawhiskey. (Hint: If you are already an uber user, sign up with a different email address.)


Hope to see you all this weekend!




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