Prospect Cafe: Diamond in the Rough

So Prospect Cafe is literally a diamond in the rough.  First of all, living in the center with so many great food options within walking distance, we rarely decide to get in the car and drive to dinner.  Second of all, this isn’t a place we drive by all too often even though it is SO close! We will definitely be back.

Prospect Cafe has a really cool bar.  Tons of beer options, a good wine list, and four big TVs around the bar.  It was pretty empty when we went, but I can not figure out why.  This seems like a great place for Happy Hour or to watch a game.  While I’d like to tell all my friends this, I am not sure I want it to start getting packed all the time! I may just keep it a secret.


We went for a quick bite and the food is really good! We actually ran into some fellow ‘Nova alums who were also there for the first time and said they had delicious food as well.  They got the pork special and highly recommended it. The menu is here. We weren’t super hungry, so we didn’t go with the pork.  Somehow we still ended up with two orders of wings, a burger, a soup and a salad between the two of us (oops- may have been my fault).

The boneless wings are great! Nice and crispy, and as Spencer said “real chicken!”  We tried three sauces which were all very good.  My personal favorite was the rosemary Parmesan, but Spencer loved the sriracha.     You couldn’t go wrong with any of them.  Side note- the sriracha sauce was not very spicy.

Spencer, the king of “I’m not that hungry” got the mushroom burger.  It was an 8oz. burger (that seemed much bigger than 8oz.) topped with oyster mushrooms, carmelized onions and cheddar.  The burger was tender and cooked perfectly, and the fries were nice and crispy not soggy.  The only complaint was that the bun fell apart when you ate it (maybe a result of the burger being too big) so it was a bit messy to eat in work clothes!


We did end up bringing some of the burger home for the pups.  I was actually pretty full so I went with the side salad and a cup of the soup of the day.  The dressing on the salad was delicious, it must be made in house.  The serving was really big, especially for a $4 side!


The soup special I had was a shaved Brussels sprouts, white bean, and andouille sausage soup.  It was really good! I always love this type of soup.  It was loaded with veggies and topped with Parmesan.  It totally hit the spot, especially on one of the first really chilly nights here in WeHa.


We will definitely be venturing back to Prospect Cafe in the near future.  If not for some bar food, for a great, quiet bar to relax and maybe watch our beloved Wildcats take another ‘ship!




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