Admittedly this post is overdue, we have been super busy planning a trip to the UAE, but better late than never right?

Treva deserves ten stars in my book.  This place is GOOD.  I mean really good.  We went for the first time one night after Spencer’s office party for a cheese plate.  The cheese plate at Treva is delicious (I mean how can you go wrong with a cheese plate?!).  I knew the dinner had to be good. Oh, and the wine list doesn’t hurt either.

We went in mid-September so the weather was still warm enough to sit outside and sip a chilled glass of Chardonnay.  Treva is so cozy and cute inside, it would be a great spot for a romantic date night at any time of year.  The bar is very cool, and its always crowded.

Spencer and I both ordered specials, so they are not always on the menu.  One thing that is always on the menu is the bread…heavenly.

I had beet and goat cheese stuffed ravioli which was just delicious.  The filling was a great light whipped ravioli filling, which is hard to achieve with goat cheese and beets.  The sauce was also delicious and complimented the flavors and texture perfectly.  The pasta at Treva is clearly homemade because it is light and still holds an immense amount of flavor.


Beet and Goat Cheese Ravioli Special

Spencer had the truffle spaghetti special which was absolutely incredible.  Our waitress did warn us that this dish was a bit more expensive than the norm ($30) but it was totally worth it.  We are total truffle addicts, so this dish hit the spot.  There were tons of truffle mushrooms in the pasta, but the truffle flavor was not overpowering (yes there is such a thing).  I would eat this dish every day and be a very happy girl :).  I hope they bring this special back (or add it to the menu) ASAP.

We will definitely be back at Treva very soon for a date night.  If you haven’t tried it yet, definitely check it out. Oh, and make a reservation.




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