Happy Hour: Bartaco

Is this place ever empty? Seriously, I think the answer is no.  During the warmer months Bartaco manages to pack the both inside and the outdoor patio (equipped with space heaters) what seems like 24/7.  I swear, every time I walk by there is not an empty seat! But, don't fear, Bartaco is also fast.  You order with … Continue reading Happy Hour: Bartaco


Why I Volunteer with Girls on the Run (and why you should too!)

WE BELIEVE THAT EVERY GIRL CAN EMBRACE WHO SHE IS, CAN DEFINE WHO SHE WANTS TO BE, CAN RISE TO ANY CHALLENGE, CAN CHANGE THE WORLD. CAN.” - From the Girls on the Run Mission Statement After finishing my first Boston Marathon, I realized how rewarding running can be.  I'm not sure if it was … Continue reading Why I Volunteer with Girls on the Run (and why you should too!)

WeHa Whiskey

"Too much of anything is bad, but too much good whiskey is barely enough" - Mark Twain Who says the #15 Place to Live can't be fun?! This Saturday is the Fourth Annual WeHa Whiskey Festival at Hartford Golf Club in West Hartford.  I am super excited to go.  We really wanted to go last … Continue reading WeHa Whiskey


Admittedly this post is overdue, we have been super busy planning a trip to the UAE, but better late than never right? Treva deserves ten stars in my book.  This place is GOOD.  I mean really good.  We went for the first time one night after Spencer's office party for a cheese plate.  The cheese … Continue reading Treva