Brunch Wars: Blue Plate Kitchen vs. Avert

Admittedly I am not a blogger who brunches.  Even though I appreciate a good brunch, especially Eggs Benedict, I rarely find enough time on a Sunday morning to enjoy it.  When friends come to town for a visit I feel like I need to show them the West Hartford Brunch scene, which is awesome because it ends up being a new thing for me to explore.  Last weekend one of my childhood besties was in town and I got to take her to two brunch spots in the same weekend! We went to Blue Plate Kitchen on Saturday morning and A’Vert on Sunday morning.  Each restaurant has a totally different feel and a really amazing brunch.

A’Vert Brasserie: We went to A’Vert on Sunday morning.  I made a reservation because I heard great reviews about their brunch, and assumed it would be packed.  The reservation probably was not necessary, when we arrived it was fairly empty.  We also went at 1030am, so a reservation may have been needed later on.

When I ordered a coffee and the waiter brought me a personal french press, I instantly knew I was going to love this place.  I love the small details that make your meal just a little extra special, and I love french press coffee :).

Everything on the menu looked so delicious, it was tough to make a decision! I have never been a fan of sweet breakfast food, so that eliminated part of the menu for me.  Liz got the french toast, which was delicious and came in a really large serving (she even was able to bring leftovers home to her husband!).  The toast was not too soggy like some french toast can be, and the bread itself was delicious (okay, so I had a few bites too).


Meg ordered the shrimp omelette, which seemed like a strange choice that we were all a bit skeptical of.  The waiter recommended this, and said that the omelette was served in a lobster sauce which is a lot like lobster bisque.  The omelette ended up being delicious! It wasn’t super fishy like I expected it to be, instead it was a good combination of salt with some kick.  The shrimp was cooked perfectly.  I would definitely order this again.


As I said, I have zero self control when it comes to Eggs Benedict, so I ordered the Oeuf Poche, which is poached farm eggs, sliced ham, toasted sourdough, and bernaise (how could you go wrong).  It was delicious! The sourdough bread was a great substitute for the typical english muffin and the bernaise had great flavor.  Also, the ham was not overly thick so it was still tender.  This was a delicious brunch that totally hit the spot! I had a tough time deciding between the Oeuf Poche and the Croque Monsieur, so I will be back to try the Croque Monsieur! The brunch at A’Vert is definitely pretty formal and you should have time to enjoy it.  I would recommend this brunch when you have family in town, or for a special morning! Even though I could eat this again and again, it’s not a spot to grab a quick bite to eat.



Blue Plate Kitchen:  If A’Vert is a place to bring your parents, Blue Plate is the neighborhood place you can swing by with just about anyone (and I would still definitely bring my parents). The ambiance is casual, and the service is super fast, but you never have to compromise on the food quality at Blue Plate Kitchen.  We have had a number of delicious dinners here.  It is reasonably priced and has a really cool bar.  I am definitely glad we discovered Blue Plate Kitchen, and equally glad that I brought Meg to check out their brunch!

Since it was a nice day outside, the glass walls were open to the patio.  This is one of my favorite parts about this restaurant.  If you sit inside it never gets too hot! (Best of both worlds?!)

IMG_3232 (1)

Meg had the Hot Chicken’n’ Biscuit sandwich without the egg (guess we really weren’t in the mood for breakfast food) and it was SO GOOD! The fried chicken was delicious and tender but still crispy on the outside, and the biscuit tasted like it had butter built-in! I would definitely order this again, maybe with the egg next time.


I got the roasted vegetable hash which was SO delicious that I need to try to make it at home.  I got the eggs over easy, which was perfect on top of the hash.  The hash was roasted root vegetables, butternut squash, chickpeas and arugula.  The butternut squash added the perfect amount of sweetness to the hash, and you did not need sauce because the vegetables were sauteed so well.


I must say that the breakfast menu at Blue Plate Kitchen is a bit overwhelming.  Meg and I both went back and forth on our orders more than ten times :). I have never had a bad meal at Blue Plate.  This is a great spot for a quick meal that you know will have something for everyone! We love Blue Plate and definitely will be back…regularly.

So who wins the brunch war? That is your call! These places are too different to pick one over the other.  But both have some seriously amazing food!

Happy brunching 🙂



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