Harry’s Pizza vs. Harry’s Pizza

So what is the real story? Does anyone actually know? And why does one box say “The ONLY one.”  Rumor has it the two Harry’s Pizzas were previously co-owned, and the owners have since split up in a not-so-pretty way.  Other rumors say that’s not true and the owner of Barb’s Pizza is the former Harry’s owner.

Well, I did not get the story from either restaurant (if anyone knows the real story, let me know!) but I was able to try some delicious pizza at each one.

Both restaurants have a casual pizza-place vibe inside. They are clean and the staff is friendly.  I usually lean towards getting take out or quick bites in the center because it is easier to get to by walking, but Harry’s Bishops Corner has more parking.  In terms of the food, they were definitely different pizzas, here are my thoughts.

Harry’s (The ONLY One) on Main Street: I tried the Godfather (shown below) with fresh mozzarella, fresh basil, fresh oregano, roasted red pepper, mild sopressata and pecorino romano.  The combination sounded quite delicious and right up my alley.  Even though I know sopressata is expensive, $17.25 for a small pizza (especially for a girl from New York) seemed ludicrous. I went for it anyway.

Overall, the pizza was good.  Overall it was honestly a bit soggy, and the flavor of the sopressata was not my favorite (too mild for me I think).  The crust was well cooked and, as you can see, it had a great amount of char and bubbles. I just wish the center of the pizza wasn’t soggy (huge turn off).  I would give it a 5/10 on the pizza rating scale, especially given the price.

Harry’s Bishops Corner: I must say Harry’s Bishops corner is my favorite of the two.  The menu includes local, seasonal ingredients that you just don’t see on very many pizza menus.  I love that they have a “seasonal” and a “traditional” pizza menu.  Although not New York prices, none of the items on the menu were over $17 and the small pizza was bigger than Harry’s on Main Street.  I tried the seasonal portobello and goat cheese pie, which was just delicious.  It had roasted portobello mushrooms, grape tomatoes, goat cheese and was finished with a truffle oil basil pesto.  There was just the right amount of truffle flavor (which I, admittedly, can never get enough of).  The small was $15.25 and ended up being two meals.  Even though the pizza had truffle oil on it, the crust did not get soggy even when it was reheated!  I think this had something to do with the fact that Harry’s Bishops Corner uses a wheat crust on some of their pizzas.  I usually am not a huge fan of a wheat pizza crust but this one is just as good as any white crust I have had!

I had a bite of Spencer’s seasonal panini which was also delicious! Plus they give you sorbet cups after the meal.  Overall this place was great, I give the pizza an 8.5/10 and will definitely be returning!

Which one is your favorite?



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