Barcelona Wine Bar: Happy Hour

Happy Hour must haves:

  • Good drink specials: check!


  • Delicious apps: check!

Steak appetizer from the Happy Hour Menu

  • Great atmosphere: check!
  • Creepy pictures of Jack Nicholson on the wall: check!


Barcelona Wine Bar in West Hartford checks all the boxes when it comes to happy hour.


Happy Hour at Barcelona runs from 5-7pm.  The HH menu includes wine and sangria by the glass for $5, draft beers for $3, and appetizers like mini empenadas, muscles, and jamon wrapped dates for $3-$5.


The jamon wrapped date was my favorite! The date is served warm which gives it a very sweet indulgent flavor and the jamon adds a salty element that complements it beautifully.  I may just have to buy ingredients to make this at home.

I will warn you, the portion size is very small during happy hour.  The dates (pictured above) only came with two dates per order.  It is perfect if you want to go and try a couple of bites of a bunch of different apps with your friends, but not so perfect if you’re really hungry.


We also ordered Jamon sarano which was not on the Happy hour menu but is a Barcelona specialty.  They have two legs of it right next to the bar that you can see them freshly carving.  It was delicious! I would definitely return just for this.

The chef brought out a sample of the blistered tomatoes with sheep’s milk cheese. These are not on the menu yet but are very tasty!

Overall, Barcelona is a great spot for happy hour.  I definitely would not go if you are really hungry (or I would order something from the regular menu), but it has a great atmosphere and the food and wine are both delicious. I am looking forward to returning for dinner.  The dinner menu is tapas, so dinner will likely be with some girl friends since Spencer is not the biggest tapas fan :).




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