Lake Weekend Packing List

Who doesn’t need a low-key weekend at the lake every once in a while? I am very spoiled because my parents recently built a lake house on Long Pond in Belgrade, Maine.  If you haven’t been to a Maine lake, I highly recommend it.  It is well worth the drive to unplug and relax for a while.  IMG_0148

The most stressful part of a lake trip? Packing.  Pretty much every lake I have been to is extremely casual and Long Pond is no exception.  There are a couple of restaurants in town, but nothing is fancy.  Keeping that in mind, here are my top ten must-haves at the lake:

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  1. LipSense Lip Color and Gloss: my new obsession.  This stuff NEVER comes off. Literally you can jump in and out of the lake all day and your lip color stays on.  The best part is that it comes in so many colors and gloss styles!  My favorite is Cappucino with glossy gloss (I am a huge fan of a nude lip). You can buy it here.
  2. Aveeno Spray Sunblock: Even though Maine is not as hot as the beach, the sun is still strong and this sunblock is my #1.  I like sprays because I always seem to get better coverage.  This Aveeno spray keeps your skin hydrated, where most sprays dry your skin out.  Hydrating your skin is another good way to protect from sunburn (and, in turn, skin cancer). Buy it here or at your local CVS.
  3. Face Sunblock: Everyone knows you just can’t use body sunblock on your face.  My favorite face sunblock is the CeraVe because it doesn’t clog your pores.
  4. A good comfy sweatshirt: the nights in Maine can be cold and there’s nothing better than wearing a comfy sweatshirt by a fire.  This one from sperry is really cute and cozy! AND its on sale :).
  5. A cute bathing suit that stays on when jumping in off the boat or dock.  Although the neighbors in Maine are pretty far away, the last thing you want is to give them a free show.  This is one of my favorites because it is one piece (read- stays on) but still sexy.  I’ve also been swooning over this one from Sperry but I haven’t pulled the trigger yet.  The longer top is really flattering and stays on much better than the typical bikini.
  6. Sunglasses and a hat: In my opinion, the best sunglasses for lake trips are Sunskis, which you can buy here.   They come in a bunch of really cute styles and are super affordable (About $55), come with a lifetime warranty, and are polarized.  You won’t be totally broken up when you forget to take them off before jumping in.
  7. A good book: My favorite one of the summer so far has been Pretty Girls by Karen Slaughter.  It kept me interested from cover to cover and was such a quick read! My next read is The Good Girl by Mary Kubica.  My iPad is dying so I’ve gone old school this year and bought these books in paperback version.  I am not going to lie, I kind of love the smell of a real book! What were your top reads this summer?
  8. Flip Flops: These sandals from JCrew are my summer go-to this summer.  You can walk in them forever without the thong bothering your toes, and they’re cute enough to wear to brunch or a night out! I have had them all summer and worn them a ton, around the lake, on the boat, out in WeHa, and the silver still looks new and the soles don’t look worn at all.  Overall I am so satisfied with these cute sandals! I have also had my eye on these.
  9. Sneakers and a good workout outfit: In Maine there is no NYSC, Tribe, or West Hartford Yoga.  There is a road and a lake.  Accordingly, I am always ready to head out for a jog outside when I feel like I’ve gotta get some endorphins going.  My sneakers may look ratty, but they are the best ones for my feet.  I suggest heading over to Fleet Feet in West Hartford to get fit for a pair of running shoes that is best for you, your body type, running style, foot anatomy, and training regimen.  I have a couple of pairs of these that are in circulation, especially when I am in a marathon training cycle.
  10. A cute cover up that can double as an outfit to leave the house in.  I always look for a cover up that can protect you from the sun if you’re on the boat or the dock for a while. One of my favorites (pictured) is from Lilly last year, but this one is equally cute! I love the playful print.  It may be added to my wish list 🙂

Of course a bottle of Rose never hurts 🙂 and Miraval is one of my favorites!

If you can’t make it all the way to Maine (our lake is about 4 hours from WeHa but some Maine lakes are closer) there are a bunch of lakes with a shorter commute time. Candlewood Lake is only about an hour and a half from WeHa, and I have heard it is a ton of fun. Hurry up, before summer runs out.

Now go jump in the lake!



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