Arugula West Hartford


Since moving to West Hartford, we have been trying to get out and explore all of the amazing restaurants that are right at our doorstep! It seems like there are so many that we could go out to eat every night and still not hit them all.  Arugula had been recommended to us by friends and had been on our list for a while but we never seemed to get around to stopping in.

Since the restaurant is small, I always assumed we would need a reservation especially on weekends. On Friday we called and made a reservation for 8pm that night.  When we got there, the restaurant wasn’t packed so we may not have actually needed one.  Arugula has a very cozy vibe inside, one of the reasons I can’t wait to come back in the fall!

The wine list is not overly extensive, but includes descriptions of each wine that made our decision easy.  Also, all of the wine is reasonably priced especially for a restaurant in West Hartford Center.  We tried the Lambrusco, which is a delicious and fun chilled red with bubbles.  Perfect for a summer night.


 Lambrusco Dolce

The wine list is great but the food Menu is even more great.  Literally everything on the menu looked delicious.  Our waitress was awesome and super helpful in making a decision (not to mention she refilled the bread basket twice while we were deciding- oops).  We opted to try the escargot, because neither of us could remember ever having it before.  As the waitress said, “whats the worst that can happen, its cooked in a pot of butter.”

Spencer and I both LOVED it.  The escargot was really tender, and cooked in butter (yum).  The bread with brie was phenomenal.  We could have ordered three of these as our main course (maybe next time!).  It was so delicious.  Even if you don’t like, or haven’t had escargot before, definitely try it here!


Escargot with Brie Bread

As our main course, we both opted for flatbreads.  I tried the wild mushroom and Spencer had the smoked salmon. We shared, and each was incredibly delicious in its own way.

The wild mushroom had a perfect amount of truffle flavor, delicious cheese, and the mushrooms were cooked perfectly.  I can’t say enough about the crust at Arugula, it even heats perfectly the next day.  Even covered with mushrooms the crust maintained its crispiness- seriously delicious.  I could eat this flatbread over and over.


Wild Mushroom Flatbread

Spencer tried the smoked salmon flatbread which was served warm (not hot) and covered in smoked salmon, goat cheese (our absolute favorite), and capers, cucumbers and red onion.  This was totally different from the wild mushroom flatbread, but equally delicious! The smoked salmon was great, not the type of smoked salmon that gets a bit too chewy, and the capers cucumber and red onion added just the right amount of bite to balance the creamy goat cheese.  This was probably the better dinner choice for the hot weather outside, but it was still so delicious and hearty!


Smoked Salmon Flatbread

I was happy that neither of us could finish our flatbreads and we had leftovers for the next night.  I think I could eat this meal over and over again, and the weight gain would be totally worth it.

Spencer and I were both very disappointed we did not discover Arugula sooner.  We both agreed it has been out favorite meal so far in West Hartford.  I can’t wait to go back and try something else on the menu.



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