Nordstrom Price Matching

Did you miss something you LOVED at the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale? Don’t stress…yet. Nordstrom has started price matching! Even though the prices may not be quite as good as the anniversary sale, if an item is found at a similar retailer (even retailers like RueLaLa) for a lower price, Nordstrom will match the price!

For example, did you miss these Frye boots? Or did Nordstrom not re-stock in your size soon enough?


They are on RueLaLa for $299, so Nordstrom matched the price! Not as great as the Anniversary Sale, but still a good deal!

Same goes for this Kiehl’s cleansing mask (and basically every other Kiehl’s product)!


You can even search for “price matched” on the Nordstrom website, and all of the items that they have price matched will pop up.  Hurry up though, the price match only lasts as long as the corresponding retailer’s lower price does.

Bravo, Nordstrom!

Happy shopping!



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