A 58? On 18 holes?: Travelers Golf Championship

As everyone has undoubtedly heard by now, Jim Furyk made PGA history and shot a 58 yesterday at the Travelers Championship.  This is the all time PGA record.  For those of you who are not golfers, a 58 is a good score for some amateurs (and some of my friends) on 9 holes.  Furyk’s final round was a full 12 strokes under par on the par 70 TPC River Highlands course in Cromwell.  Unfortunately for Furyk, he started the day one over so his record-breaking round only brought him to 11 under par, leaving him tied for fifth place.


TPC River Highlands is both picturesque and well maintained

Scotland native Russell Knox brought home the W, and a cool $1.2 million.  His time in the spotlight was probably overshadowed by Furyk’s 58, but when you bring home that kind of cash, who really cares?


The 17th Green

I highly recommend going to the Travelers Championship next year.  The tournament runs for 6 days.  This year it ran from August 1-7 but according to the Website in 2017 it will be held the third week in June.  I have heard that the celebrity round on the first day is a ton of fun to go watch, but I have never been.

IMG_3003 (1)

Tickets were about $45/day face value (but if you live in West Hartford and/or work in Hartford- I promise you know someone who works at Travelers and can hook you up). Cromwell is practically in our backyard.  If not for the traffic, it probably would have taken us about 15 minutes to get there.  Unfortunately it took about 25 because of traffic getting into the parking lots at TPC River Highlands.  We didn’t get there until noon (because we obviously needed our fill of Goldberg’s Bagels before watching golf all day), which may have contributed to the traffic we hit.  We parked in a neighbors backyard for $5, which was just a short walk from the gate on the 9th hole.

Tip– always check the bag policy before going to a sporting event.  At Travelers a purse had to be 6″x6″ or you could carry a clear plastic bag that was 12″x6″x6″.  I opted for the latter because I had saved my bag from the Final Four, I knew that I would need sunblock and a hat, and Spencer loves to throw his junk in my purse.

We decided to follow Bubba Watson and Patrick Reed for a while.  Following a golfer is usually a fun way to watch golf because you get to watch their swing on each shot, how they recover from bad shots, and how they interact with their caddies.


On 17 the players hit onto the Travelers Umbrella Green during the practice rounds. 

Bubba definitely had the largest crowd of followers, so once we had been pushed around enough and our feet were getting tired, we decided to take a seat in the MasterCard Club on 17 to watch the golfers hit over the water (the 17th green is open to anyone who has a MasterCard).  The sun was really shining all day, so reapplying sunblock was a must.  It got pretty hot at times and the $4 bottles of water became necessary.

It turned out to be a really fun and relaxing day.  We had a great time and will definitely be returning next year.  I highly recommend going in 2017, it is a fun way to spend a Sunday, plus it is probably one of the most publicized events that comes to the area!


The 18th Green


Bubba and Patrick Reed Putting on 18

In other golf news- On Friday Nike decided to pull out of the golf equipment business.  Hang on to your MOJO balls, they could be vintage soon.



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