Hartford Food Truck: Buon Appetito

Hartford seems to have an up-and-coming food truck scene, which is really exciting. Something about eating food from a truck is really fun (and the food is usually pretty good!).  Coming from Boston where food trucks were a regular lunch stop during the summer, its nice to continue that in Hartford.  I decided to try Buon Appetito, which is in State House Square pretty much every day.  The menu is Italian- chicken parm, penne alla vodka, eggplant marcapone, etc.  and the prices are extremely reasonable, there is nothing over $8!


I tried shrimp diavolo which was shrimp and sausage in spicy marinara sauce over penne pasta.  When I think “over” pasta I usually assume the pasta will be a small serving and the meat will be the main feature.  Here, there was definitely much less shrimp and sausage and much more pasta than expected.  The shrimp and sausage that was in the dish was delicious though! The shrimp was cooked perfectly and the sausage had a great amount of kick.  The menu said that the sauce was a spicy marinara and it did have some heat.  I can’t say the sauce was my favorite (coming from someone who has been spoiled with home made Italian food her entire life) it was a bit “goopy” and not the fresh tomato sauce I was expecting.  Overall the dish was alright, not my favorite, but not bad either!


Spencer got the Chicken Parmesan sandwich and said it was great. It was a good lunch, and I will definitely be back to try something else on the menu!



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