Om Street Yoga 2016

On Saturday morning at 7 we woke up to head over to LaSalle Road in West Hartford for some yoga in the street.  I heard about this event through West Hartford Yoga, which I absolutely love but admittedly do not visit enough.  Although we had tried to round up some friends to join us, the early wake-up on a Saturday was too ambitious for most and it ended up being just the two of us.  In Boston I had been to a few outdoor yoga classes before, especially classes hosted by Equinox and Lululemon, but never anything like this.  When we arrived at 8, it seemed we were late because there were already about 2100 people laying in the road.


Unfortunately, there wasn’t much room left because we ended up having to put our mats right against the police barricade with a police car running right behind our heads, making it a whole lot hotter.  The West Hartford police officer was extremely nice and accommodating and even moved the barricade to give us more room! We made the best of the heat and the running car through a great 75 minute yoga flow class lead by a great instructor.


Next year we will definitely make sure to get there earlier! Overall the class was a very cool experience, it reminded me a bit of a marathon start line, exercising with 2200 of your closest friends.

Of course, post yoga we *needed* to replenish our burned calories with bagel sandwiches and coffee at Goldberg’s Gourmet.  Goldbergs

We love Goldberg’s so much that I think we have been in 5 times in the past two weeks.  Not great for the waistline.  My favorite is the Spanish fly on an egg bagel, while his is the mother clucker on an cinnamon sugar bagel. Both are incredibly delicious and their iced coffee is equally tasty.

Mother clucker

While we enjoyed Posh Tomato, we are definitely VERY glad that Goldberg’s is here!



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